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Older Adults
People with a learning disability
People with a physically disability
People with mental health problems
People with or recovering from an illness
People with a terminal illness

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Our office is open during these times. 

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4.30pm
Weekends Closed

Why Choose Us

We provide a comprehensive and caring service to meet the needs of each individual, whether this be personal care or support with social and leisure activities.

  • Over 20 years experience
  • Putting Clients Needs First
  • Flexible Service
  • Emergency Care
  • Friendly Team
  • Highly Trained Staff
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New Android phones for care workers allow more accurate collection of information in the field. 

Our carers use iConnect developed by Advanced Health and Care Ltd., a specialised application on their mobile phones while undertaking their job. They allow the carer to view their call roster, client access information, client details, task lists. 

We also provide our clients with a small NFC tag that remains in the clients house. Our carers use this tag, allong with their mobile phones, to touch in and out of their call, allowing us to monitor call arrival times and call lengths. 

We have used this system for a few years after electronic monitoring became a requirement for care providers working with Leicestershire County Council in 2009, however we have upgraded several times since the introduction of electronic monitoring. 

The new mobile phones are made by LG that use the Android operationg systems. That means that they are reliable and easy to use by our care workers. The application running on the Android pltform makes it easy for carers to see which clients they are due to visit over the week and what they need to do when they arrive. 


Our phones use a double authentication encryption that require a carer to touch their individual tag to their mobile phone and enter their personal pin code. The application requires carers to re-enter their password once the time-out period is reached so that no unauthorised person can access the information on the phone whilst the carer undertakes their duties. 

As the transfer of information between the phones and the office is handled by the iConnect app, it means that no confidential information is ever stored on the mobile phone itself, meaning that if the phone ever gets lost or stolen it can be put into "Lost" mode to prevent any unuthorised access of information. 

We are currently using the mobile system alongisde manual paper timesheets, however we hope to use the phone system as our primary system in early 2016.