Funding your Care

Sometimes our clients require more specialised care. Our carers receive specialised training in a range of condiions and we work closely with various health professionals to ensure that the best standards are being met. 

personal finance

 The easiest way to pay for our care is on a private basis. Our team can help you to put together a package that is most appropriate for you. It is possible that you may be entitled to receive money from your local council to assist with this. 

Choosing to fund your care privately has the following benefits:

  • You will receive top quality care from 1st Choice Nursing and Care Services as you can decide which provder to choose
  • Fliexibility of when you receive your care
  • One Bill for everyhing - no confusing bills from different people

You can choose to pay for your care by cash, cheque, bank transfer or the easiest way is to arrange a direct debit with us, so that your invoices will be paid without you having to worry about it. 

If you have any questions about paying for your care, please contact our finance officer by calling the office on 01664 562 451 or email us by clicking the link here