Funding your Care

If you are looking for a care assistant to help you with general day-to-day living such as personal care or domestic services, then you can apply to your local authority for social care funding

Currently, the Leicestershire County Council say that if you have more than £23,250 in savings and assets you’ll have to pay the full cost of a care package. If you have less than £14,250 in savings and assetts then these will not be counted when they work out how much you will need to pay. 

If you have savings and assets between £14,250 and £23,250, you will pay £1 towards your care for every £250 of your savings and assets.

When working out your income, they do not include most benefit allowances such as State Pension and State Credits, income from personal or occupational pension, the care part of the DLA, Attendance Allowance etc. 

For more information on how they work it out, you can visit the Leicestershire County Council's website by clicking here

If you qualify for funding after a financial assessment, then you will receive an amount of money towards your care. This is called a Personal Budget